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Sachin puts an end to Tendulkar vs Kohli debate, reveals about special gift he received from Virat

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is unarguably one of the greatest players of all time. As a matter of fact, his records, after all these years, are still unmatched. Over the years, several batters have tried to match his legacy but failed. 

However, after his retirement in 2013, it was Virat Kohli who went on to become India’s new star. Thus, several cricket pundits and experts have gone on to compare the two. While some people feel Tendulkar is better, others feel that Kohli can go on to become a better batter than him. 

Thus, the “Master Blaster” was recently asked about the same. During an interview with the American journalist Graham Bensinger, he was asked about the comparisons between him and the 33-year-old. However, the legend responded to the question with a reply that won the day. 

“How about having both of us in one team?,” said Sachin Tendulkar. In fact, Kohli has gone on record to mention several times that he cannot be compared to the 48-year-old. While speaking to Gaurav Kapoor on Breakfast with Champions a few years ago, the Delhi batter had said that he started playing cricket only because of Tendulkar. 

“You can only compare those who are worthy of the comparison. You are comparing me to someone because of whom I started playing cricket in the first place. I stand no chance in terms of skill level. He’s the most complete batsman ever. Then how can you even compare?,” said Virat Kohli.

“I’ve always said it’s not fair to him. Because of what he’s given us, he doesn’t deserve to be compared to us. This generation, no chance,’ Kohli, who memorably hoisted Tendulkar during the lap of honour after India won the World Cup at the Wankhede Stadium on April 2, 2011,” he added.


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