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S1mple to join Team Falcons for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown


When one of the best Counter-Strike players announced his return, no one expected it to be in a different team. However, it seems that S1mple is making his return to the competitive scene as a loan player for Team Falcons.

The announcement was made in a recent X post by Team Falcons. “Please welcome s1mple, who will be making his return to professional Counter-Strike as part of Falcons for one month on loan from team Natus Vincere,” it said.

His entry comes after the recent disaster in the European RMR, where Team Falcons failed to qualify for PGL Major. It is believed that similar to Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Falcons might also be making some changes.

Playing for Falcons in BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

S1mple will be replacing BOROS during his time in Falcons to play in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. In another announcement, Team Falcons revealed that BOROS is currently benched.

“We have moved BOROS to the bench position for performance reasons as we look to rebalance the formation of our roster and move players into the necessary correct roles and positions,” the post said.

Will s1mple stay in Team Falcons.

The 26-year-old CS legend has been playing for NaVi for quite some time. With the release of CS2, however, s1mple decided to take a break from the game. Fans were wondering if this was the end of the competitive run for him.

He clarified the confusion in a recent announcement during the HLTV award show. S1mple revealed he does not plan to retire just yet and will be back to take his throne.

Now his entry into Team Falcons have once again left fans wondering if this will be his new home. While the announcement is just for a month, anything can happen in a month. Team Falcons is already planning to make a super team and might also aim for s1mple.

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