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Ricky Ponting speaks on comparison between Rishabh Pant and Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchirst

The Rishabh Pant and Ricky Ponting duo has flourished in the past years of the Indian Premier League. The two worked together for Delhi in 2021 and achieved a good result. Rishabh Pant looked like a mature captain with Ponting’s guidance. Meanwhile, Pant has often been compared with Australian great Adam Gilchrist. Ponting recently went on to speak on the comparison between Pant and Adam Gilchrist “Yeah, they are little bit the same. I know Rishabh’s really burst onto the scene, but let’s just let him play his 50-60 Test matches first before we start making comparisons to one of the all-time great wicket-keeper batters.”

He pointed out that the two were completely different off the field but had similarities when they grabbed the bat. He said that Pant was more outspoken and Gilchrist was a lot quieter and reserved.

“But, if you think about their personalities – Rishabh is a lot more outward, a lot louder, a lot noisier and ultra-competitive.

“Gilly was ultra-competitive as well, but a lot quieter and reserved, until he got his bat in his hand and then he became exactly the same as Rishabh,” he said.

Ponting, when comparing the two, said that Pant and Gilchrist both played risky shots during crucial situations. He pointed out that Rishabh Pant got out in his 90s often when trying to hit a six to get to his hundred.

“Rishabh will be exactly the same. If you look at Rishabh – I am not sure how many Test hundreds he’s got – but he has a few 90s in there. And he’s actually got out trying to bring up his hundred with a six. That’s the good and the bad, right?” 


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