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Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias Pogba accuses him of using witchcraft

The brother of Paul Pogba’s brother claimed that he spent millions of money on witchcraft

Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba

Juventus’ star midfielder Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias Pogba has been hitting the headlines of late and for reasons that shook the entire football world. The brother has accused the midfielder of spending millions and millions of money on witchcraft for various reasons and one of them is to protect him from injuries.

The star’s brother has been accusing him constantly of late and the manager of Juventus is yet to comment on the events unfolding between the two. Last Sunday, Mathias Pogba released a short video in which he assured of revealing ‘shocking’ information about his brother to which Paul Pogba responded stating that his brother is blackmailing him to provide a sum of $13 million.

The Juventus star said that a criminal gang comprising of his brother and a few others are blackmailing him to pay the hefty sum and accused him of showing up at Juventus’ training sessions. His brother, Mathias Pogba rubbed off the claims and backed up his response with a few new accusations stating that his brother used witchcraft to prevent injuries and called him a liar.

According to ESPN, Juventus manager Didier Deschamps is well aware of the situation and the Pogba family is awaiting for the right time to take a decision. The controversy has become ugly that fans believe that someone puts an end to it. Mathias Pogba did not shy away from claiming that he was almost killed by Paul Pogba in 2018.

Mathias Pogba claims that the star Juventus midfielder has failed to look after them and alleged that he left them alone after his rise in stature. On the other hand, Paul Pogba cut off his contact with his brother alleging that he stole $200,000 from his credit card earlier and ruled him out of the home in Manchester. A few reports claim that the star has paid a sum of $100,000 notwithstanding the perpetual harassment.

The allegations keep coming from either side and no one knows what the actual reason behind the allegations is.

  • Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba
  • Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba
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