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ODI World Cup 2023

Pakistan Cricket Board have issued statement regarding their visa delay to bust fake news

Pakistan Cricket Board stated the full process that the team underwent for the application of Visas

Pakistan Cricket Board

A little under 48 hours before the team was supposed to leave for Hyderabad through Dubai, the Apex Cricket Council verified that the Indian government had authorised visas for the Pakistan team to fly to the World CupThe decision occurred on Monday, shortly after the PCB allegedly railed about the delay in issuing the visas in a letter to the top cricket body. They had not yet received visa permission when they gave the email.

However, the Pakistani players had previously postponed their pre-World Cup trip to the UAE to connect as a team. An Indian Government official told EspnCricinfo as he said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs gives security clearance for the issue of visas. The process is underway.”

But earlier in the day, when Islamabad’s business hours had ended and there remained no word of if the visas would be approved, things had come to a climax. Although the Pakistani board remained in constant communication with the apex cricket body throughout. 

Then it decided to formally write to the organisation to express its displeasure. The Board spoke about such unfair treatment of Pakistan. They claimed to be the only World Cup participant team that had to wait this long for visas, which will not be tolerated.

Pakistan Cricket Board issue statement to                         bust fake news

Pakistan Cricket Board statement

Pakistan Cricket Board statement (Source: Twitter)

The Indian government was thanked by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for providing its players with last-minute visas. This has allowed the Pakistan team to compete throughout the 2023 ODI Cricket World Cup.

The board had filed all necessary travel documentation for the visas. They also confirmed that they were the last to submit an application for visas on September 19. These details came to the limelight after a statement was made public via PCB’s official profile on X. The Indian Cricket Board and the Indian government gave the PCB a guarantee about the visas. They confirmed that the necessary documents will arrive by September 25.

Media sources state that the Pakistan cricket squad earlier voiced its concerns over visa delays to the top cricket body. Prior to participating in pre-tournament warm-up games, the squad intended to take a route through Dubai. They intended to remain there for two days before continuing on to Hyderabad.  This statement busted all the news about PCB writing a statement for visa delays.


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