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Overwatch 2 Season 9 to see a competitive overhaul and more changes

Season 9 for Overwatch 2 is just out within a week, and the game is set to receive some massive changes. Apart from the new seasonal content and battle pass, players will also see a full competitive overhaul.

The new season and battle pass are cosmic horror-themed. Apart from the battle pass rewards, players can also play the limited-time Cosmic Crisis event. However, it seems that no new map or hero is coming in the new update.

Competitive overhaul

With the new season, players will see a full rank reset, bringing everyone on the same level. This is likely done as part of competitive changes. The developers have ditched the old win-and-loss system and added a progress bar. This will tell them exactly how far they are from ranking up.

Any ups and downs on your rank progress will be displayed after the match. Additionally, players can now aim for a new rank called Champion. The latest season will also bring emerald skins for weapons as competitive rewards.

Self-heal passives and Health Pool update

The new update will also add the Self-heal passives for Tank & DPS. This as per the developers will give players a little more freedom over gameplay. Heroes will also be receiving an increase in health and armour.

As per leaked patch notes, health, armour, and shields, have increased from around 15% to 20%. All this combined should give players more freedom and rely less on the support in random matchmaking.

New Hero Mastery and collaboration event

A new Hero Mastery mode is also on its way with season 9. The Hero Mastery: Gauntlet will be featuring a co-op mode in a tower defence style.

While not explicitly stated, players have found multiple hints pointing to a Cowboy Bebop collaboration. Players will likely see new character skins based on the popular manga/anime.

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