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OMG! After Jawan, Atlee and Shah Rukh Khan to collaborate for a new project?

Shah Rukh Khan

The greatest success of Shah Rukh Khan’s career is ‘Jawan’. With Jawan, the superstar once again demonstrated his dominance over Bollywood. Atlee Kumar, another superstar director, rose to prominence in the industry. He is well-known in the South and exhibited greatness in his first directing role alongside the superstar. Following Jawan‘, there’s been a lot of talk that Atlee and Shah Rukh Khan are working on ‘Jawan 2’. Atlee, though, refuted any of it and stated that he would work with the superstar once more on a film.

When asked about the possibility of working with King Khan, he reportedly said in an interview with ABP, “Of course, definitely I will crack a subject better than Jawan, and I will go to him for sure. If he wants, we can definitely have it as I will tell the story. Fans, though, are eager for the big day.”

Shah Rukh Khan on a roll:

Who is not enthralled with the superstar, especially after getting to know him well? It’s difficult to resist falling in love with him. Atlee is completely enamoured with the superstar and his aura. In the same interview, Atlee expressed his admiration for the star, saying, “I love all his films, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, I can go on and on. He is, in my opinion, the public face of Indian cinema. Thus, working with Mr. Shah Rukh sir is a dream come true. Thankfully, my fifth movie allowed me to accomplish that. I believe I have made God’s kindness justified.”

Atlee and Shah Rukh Khan were recently honoured at the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards 2024 for best actor and director, respectively. In 2023, ‘Jawan’, which ranked slightly behind ‘Pathaan, rose to the top of Google’s most sought-after movie searches. Upon its June release, the film grossed an astounding 643 Cr. nett in India (all languages combined), making it the highest-grossing Hindi film ever. The Hindi version alone made 580 Cr., shattering earlier records held by the Hindi film industry. Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal in ‘Jawan’ won praise from critics and audiences alike, solidifying his place among Bollywood’s biggest stars.

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