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Not Rajini or Prabhas, Meet the richest actor in the South with 3100 crore net-worth and private jet!


Over the past 80 years, the four South Indian industries have produced many superstars. From the eras of MG Ramachandran and NT Rama Rao to Thalapathy Vijay, Prabhas, and Yash, there have been many megastars who have amassed substantial wealth in addition to notoriety. Even though some actors have achieved greater success than him, there is one actor who is wealthier than the rest. Now, we will disclose who is the richest actor in the South.

One of the most prosperous actors in south India and one of the most successful actors of his generation is Nagarjuna Akkineni, better known by his stage name Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna is reportedly worth an incredible Rs 3100 crore, which puts him richer than legends from other industries like Rajinikanth (Rs 430 crore), Kamal Haasan (Rs 150 crore), Mammootty (Rs 340 crore), and younger superstars like Vijay (Rs 420 crore), Ajith (Rs 350 crore), and Prabhas (Rs 250 crore), as well as contemporaries like Chiranjeevi (Rs 1600 crore) and Venkatesh (Rs 2200 crore).

Nagarjuna is the richest actor in the South:

He hasn’t done as well at the box office as actors like Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, and Kamal Haasan, but the Telugu actor has amassed wealth via a combination of wise investments and business decisions. In addition to being the owner of the production company Annapurna Studios, he is a founding partner of the prosperous real estate company N3 Realty Enterprises. In addition, Nagarjuna owns shares in four sports teams, including those that compete in motorsports, badminton, and football.

Nagarjuna is the wealthiest actor in South India, so he possesses a lot of pricey and opulent items. These consist of a private jet, an opulent Hyderabadi bungalow purportedly valued at Rs 40 crore, more than six expensive cars, and much more.

The actor has a massive fan following in India. Moreover, the netizens often make him trending on social media with fan posts and videos. The fandom of the actor knows no bounds. He has carved his way into the industry and into people’s hearts with hard work and talent.

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