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IPL 2024

Mumbai is the most valuable Indian T20 League franchise of 2022: Reports

Mumbai have won five Indian T20 League titles

Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore
Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore (Image Credit ; BCCI/IPL)

According to Forbes, the five-time Indian T20 League winners Mumbai are the most valuable team in the cash-rich league for the year 2022. The team values USD 1.3 billion. However, they are currently struggling to win a game in the ongoing Indian T20 League 2022. In the list, four-time winners Chennai are on the second spot valuing USD 1.15 billion. Kolkata are not far behind as they are valuated USD 1.1 billion.

Notably, Lucknow, who are participating in the cash-rich for the first time this year, have been valuated more than other teams. Teams such as Delhi, Bangalore, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Hyderabad are valuated less than Lucknow. The RPSG Group-owned team is valued USD 1.075 billion. On the other hand, Delhi is valued at $ 1.035 billion, Bangalore at $ 1.025 billion, Rajasthan at $ 1 billion, Hyderabad at $ 970 million and Punjab at $925 million.

Gujarat, who made their debut in the tournament alongside Lucknow, is on the last spot valuing $ 850 million. Further reports on Forbes suggest that the valuation of the team have increased over the years. In 2009, when the team valuations were done by the governing council of the league, the team’s total valuation was $67 million. At that time, eight teams played in the league. However, the tournament is now extended to 10 teams. Now, the average valuation of the teams is $1.04 billion.


Meanwhile, Ajimon Francis, who is the managing director of Brand Finance India, was quoted as saying by the magazine that the Indian T20 League is the most prominent league in the world in terms of attracting sponsors and TV and online streaming rights. Francis added that a lot of credit for this goes to the governing council of the league

“The Indian T20 League is the most prominent cricket league in the world in terms of attracting sponsors and media rights. A lot of credit goes to founders of the Indian T20 League, who took ideas from the NBA and European soccer leagues, and good governance by the BCCI with regards to clear visibility of team funding and ensuring the tournament continued during Covid,” Forbes quotes Ajimon Francis.


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