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Mohammed Shami gives befitting reply to trolls who abused him on social media after 20-20 WC loss against Pak

Mohammad Shami

India wasn’t at their best during the 20-20 World Cup 2021. They failed to make it to the semi-final and got knocked out in the Super 12 stage. However, it was their performance against Pakistan that drew a lot of criticism.

Even after the game, Mohammed Shami was at the receiving end. Several people abused him on social media. As a matter of fact, his comment section was flooded with hate comments.

However, Shami said that one shouldn’t get hurt by such comments. During an interview with The Indian Express, he stated that those who trolled him were neither “real fans nor were they real Indians”. The 31-year-old mentioned that a person who abuses him can’t be his fan.

“There is no cure for this kind of thinking. Those who troll (on religion) are not real fans, nor are they real Indians. If you consider a player as a hero and then behave this way, you are not being an Indian supporter. And I feel one should not get hurt by comments made by such people.

There was just one thing going on in my mind. If I consider someone as my role model, I will never speak ill about that person. And in case someone is saying something hurtful to me, he can’t be my fan or a fan of the Indian team,” said Mohammed Shami.

The pacer mentioned the fact that they don’t need to engage with such people. He also stated that they represent the nation, and fight for the country. Further on, Shami also said that he doesn’t need to prove anything.

“We don’t need to engage with them. We know what we are, we don’t need to say what India means to us because we represent the country and we fight for our country. So we don’t need to prove anything to anyone by saying or reacting to such trolls,” he added.


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