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IPL 2024

“Miss you Warnie”: emotional message from a fan during Hyderabad vs Rajasthan match

Shane Warne

Rajasthan played its first match of the Indian T20 League 2022 against Hyderabad at the MCA Stadium, Pune. The match was thoroughly dominated by Rajasthan as they registered a 61 runs victory.

Notably, Rajasthan was the champion of the inaugural edition of the Indian T20 League in 2008. The title-winning effort of the team in the first season surprised everybody as the team did not have any so-called ‘superstar’ in their squad. The credit for the team’s success in the first edition of the tournament went down to their then skipper Shane Warne. He led a very young team and backed them to bring the best out of the youngsters to win the trophy. Many members of that Rajasthan squad are now well established in the international arena. They have often been heard talking about how Warne encouraged and backed the youngsters.

Since then, fans of the pink army have been emotional about Shane Warne. Shane Warne was one such name in the cricketing fraternity who was loved and adored by all. It was his passion and involvement with the game that made him such a popular figure. The Australian practically redefined the art of leg-spin bowling. Surprising everybody involved with the game Warne passed away on the 4th of March, 2022 of a suspected heart attack. He was away on a trip to Thailand when the tragic incident occurred.

The whole cricketing world was shocked by the incident. The fact that he was special was once again evident during Rajasthan’s first encounter in the Indian T20 League against Hyderabad. The camera panned on a fan holding a poster with the message “Miss you Warnie”, showing the special place Warne occupies in the heart of Rajasthan’s fans. The picture of the fan holding the poster soon went viral on social media.


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