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Legends League Cricket 2023 schedule announced: Check Dates, Venues, Time all you need to know

The competition will start on November 18 and runs until December 9.

Legends League Cricket schedule

The Legends League Cricket event is back for its second season. The competition will start on November 18 and runs until December 9. The six teams will compete in a total of 19 matches. On December 9, the top two qualifying teams will compete in the final match. The franchise-based competition, which will feature around 200 players, will take place in five cities, Ranchi, Dehradun, Jammu, Vizag, and Surat. The games will begin at 7 PM IST.

The group stage matches will be played between, 18th November 2023 to 4th December 2023. The knockout is set to be played from 5th December. Qualifier 1 will be the first one to be played, followed by the Eliminator on 6th December, Qualifier 2 on 7th December, and the grand final on 9th December.

The first edition of the league was this year in Qatar in March 2023, with Asia Lions winning the title. The first match of this season will be played between Delhi Capitals and Bhilwara Kings. The teams for the season are India Capitals, Manipal Tigers, Gujarat Giants, Urbanizers Hyderabad, Southern Superstars, and Bhilwara Kings.

Legends League Cricket 2023 Full Schedule

November 18, 2023: India Capitals vs Bhilwara Kings, Ranchi, 7 PM (IST)
November 20, 2023: Manipal Tigers vs Gujarat Giants, Ranchi, 7 PM (IST)
November 21, 2023: Urbanizers Hyderabad vs Southern Superstars, Ranchi, 7 PM (IST)
November 22, 2023: Bhilwara Kings vs Gujarat Giants, Ranchi, 7 PM (IST)
November 23, 2023: India Capitals vs Urbanizers Hyderabad, Ranchi, 3 PM (IST)
November 24, 2023: Bhilwara Kings vs Manipal Tigers, Dehradun, 7 PM (IST)
November 25, 2023: India Capitals vs Southern Super Stars, Dehradun, 7 PM (IST)

November 26 2023: Gujarat Giants vs Urbanizers Hyderabad, Dehradun, 7 PM (IST)
November 27, 2023: Manipal Tigers vs Southern Super Stars, Jammu, 7 PM (IST)
November 29 , 2023: Bhilwara Kings vs Southern Super Stars, Jammu, 7 PM (IST)
November 30, 2023: India Capitals vs Gujarat Giants, Jammu, 7 PM (IST)
December 1, 2023: Bhilwara Kings vs Urbanizers Hyderabad, Jammu, 3 PM (IST)
December 2, 2023: India Capitals vs Manipal Tigers, Visakhapatnam, 7 PM (IST)
December 3, 2023: Gujarat Giants vs Southern Super Stars, Visakhapatnam, 3 PM (IST)

December 4, 2023: Manipal Tigers vs Urbanizers Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, 7 PM (IST)
December 5, 2023: Qualifier 1, Surat, 7 pm
December 6, 2023: Eliminator, Surat, 7 PM
December 7, 2023: Qualifier 2, Surat, 7 pm
December 9, 2023: Final, Surat, 7 pm

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