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‘Life ban, don’t let him come near to a cricket field’- Ravi Shastri reacts to Yuvzendra Chahal’s horrific incident

Yuzvendra Chahal

India’s one of the premier spinners, Yuzvendra Chahal recently made a shocking revelation in a video shared on Rajasthan’s Twitter handle. Speaking to R Ashwin and K Nair, Yuzvendra Chahal revealed that a drunk cricketer dangled him from the balcony of the 15th floor. He stated that the cricketer was not in the right state of mind and he suffered a near-death experience.

The incident happened back in 2013 edition of the Indian T20 League at a party hosted after the match between Bangalore and Mumbai. Yuzvendra Chahal was part of the Mumbai team at that time.

“I never told this story, from today, everyone will know. I never shared this. This dates back to 2013 when I was with Mumbai Indians, we had a match in Bangalore. There was a get-together after that. So, there was a player who was very drunk, I won’t say his name. He was very drunk, he was looking at me for a long time and he just called me and he took me outside and he hung me on the balcony.” Said Yuzvendra Chahal in the video.

“I kind of fainted. They gave me water, then I realised how responsible you should be if you go out anywhere. So, this was one incident where I felt I made a narrow escape.” He added.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s statement has caused quite a stir in the cricketing world. Fans and former cricketers have come out in support of Chahal and even asked BCCI to look into the matter. Recently, India’s former head coach Ravi Shastri has also lent his support, while stating that the authorities should ban the offender and never let him enter the cricket field.

“No laughing matter at all. I do not know who the person involved is, he was not in a conscious state of mind. If that is the case, then it is a big worry. Someone’s life is at risk, some people might think it is funny but for me, it is not funny at all. It shows the person who is trying to do it is in a state which is not appropriate. When you are in such a state trying something like that, the chances of mistakes are even more. It is not acceptable at all,” Shastri said on ESPNcricinfo’s ‘T20 Time Out’.

“It is the first time I am hearing such a drastic thing like this. It is not funny at all. If such an incident happens today, a life ban for that person involved and send that person to a rehab centre as quickly as possible. Life ban, better not come near to a cricket field then he will realise how funny is it or not funny,” he stated further.




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