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Jade Cargill replies to rumours of her joining WWE

Some feel that the reply of Cargill is more related to American Football than WWE.

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is reportedly set to join WWE. According to the reports, Cargill is set to end the contract with AEW and will join WWE after that. The superstar took to Twitter and replied to one of the tweets with the comment “I am sports entertained.” Cargill replied to the tweet with two words – “This part!” which raised a lot of speculations regarding her future in the entertainment industry. 

The 31-year-old reacted to the tweet as she is close to ending her current signing. Some feel that the reply of Cargill is more related to American Football than WWE. In fact, the rumours of Cargill joining WWE were first heard from King Booker. The former WWE superstar said that Cargill can become a star instantly if she joins the WWE universe. 

The WWE commentator spoke about the rumours in the show named ‘Hall of Fame’. Booker felt that Cargill could perfectly fit in WWE, more than AEW, as the make-up of the WWE has always been favourable to what Cargill aspired to be. Booker felt that the super soldier, super athlete nature of Cargill could make her a huge star in the WWE universe.  

Jade Cargill has WWE written all over her’ – King Booker

“Jade Cargill has WWE written all over her, that’s what I said. She’s a WWE Superstar, not that she can’t fit in AEW, that’s not what I am saying. I’m saying she is what WWE has always promoted. The super athlete. The super soldier if you will, you know what I’m saying? This is something I anticipated,” said the former WWE superstar on the show.

Booker felt that Cargill could grow very quickly in WWE. “Of course, they [AEW] were grooming Jade Cargill cause of course she is a little green but from the growth of performance in Cargill the last few times I’ve seen her in the ring, she looks like she’s progressing really quickly, and, in the WWE, I think she’s going to progress a whole lot faster,” added the former WWE superstar about Cargill.  


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