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‘Isn’t he married to an actress as well?’ – Fans react as Harbhajan Singh makes sexist remark at Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty in ODI World Cup 2023 final

Athiya Shetty-Harbhajan Singh

The ODI World Cup 2023 final between India and Australia is underway right now and India have been reduced to a bad score of 241 in their 50 overs. While the fans are hoping for a miracle from the Bowling line up of team India, former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has sparked a controversy with his sexist remark on the wives of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul – Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty.

Harbhajan Singh, who was in the commentary box, saw Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty talking to each other in the stands and said that he felt that maybe they would be talking about films. He added that Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty may not know much about cricket. His comment was met with criticism and outrage from the fans and the cricket fraternity, who slammed him for being disrespectful and insensitive towards the two actresses.

Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty are both well-known Bollywood stars, who have been dating Virat Kohli and KL Rahul respectively for a long time. Anushka Sharma married Virat Kohli in 2017 and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Vamika, in January 2021. Athiya Shetty tied the knot with KL Rahul in a private ceremony in January 2023, after dating for over two years. Both Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty are often seen supporting their husbands and the Indian team in the matches.

Harbhajan Singh under fire: Sexist comment on Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty stirs controversy!

It is worth noting that Harbhajan Singh has given this statement regarding Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty only for entertainment, as he later clarified in a tweet. He said that he was joking and that he respects both Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty as successful women in their fields.

Some fans also pointed out that Harbhajan Singh himself is married to a Bollywood actress, Geeta Basra, who starred in movies such as ‘The Train’ and ‘Dil Diya Hai’. The couple has two children, a daughter named Hinaya and a son named Jovan.

The ODI World Cup 2023 final is still in progress, India have been dominant throughout the tournament, having won all their matches so far. Australia, on the other hand, have had a mixed run, losing two matches and winning most of their next games. The final is being played at the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, which has a capacity of 1.1 lakh spectators. The match is being watched by millions of fans across the world, who are hoping for a thrilling finish.

See how fans have reacted:

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