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Indian Cricket Board decides to assist Nepal Cricket team to help promote their players


The Indian Cricket Board is one of the biggest administrative organizations in cricket history and is responsible for the growth of cricket in India. There have been a lot of talented players in the Indian set-up who have gone on to become one of the best players in the world. The likes of Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma are one of the examples of the best-groomed talents by the board. With successful athletes like this, it should not be surprising that there will be some cricketing organizations that will need help from this entity.

Along with the big teams, some associate teams fit in the category of teams who have still not made a big impact in the cricketing world but are still a part of some of the biggest tournaments in cricket history. One of those teams is Nepal which is not really one of the top-rank teams but is still making a mark in the qualifiers and associate tournaments. The team will also feature in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 in the West Indies and United States of America where they will be playing in Group D with Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Indian board looking out for Nepal

There have been meetings between Cricket Association Nepal(CAN) president Chatur Bahadur and Indian board secretary Jay Shah who is also the president of the Asian Cricket Council(ACC) to assist the Nepal team by giving them quality infrastructure and practice sessions which are not available in their country. The team will be set to prepare for the upcoming T20 World Cup in Delhi where they can also groom their budding cricketers as well. Jay Shah has asked the CAN president to even draft a formal proposal for the team to practice on their grounds.

This is a great move by the board who are still looking at the development of cricket in Asia, if they decide to do the same thing they have done for the Afghans, we can see another potential Test nation in the future. Nepal already has their fair share of great talents with the likes of Sandeep Lammichhane and Dipendra Airee who have given some great performances in the past. The team still holds the record for the highest total in T20I’s where they had scored 314 against Mongolia in the Asian games. With help from the Indian cricket board, it won’t be surprising if they turn out to be another competitive team.

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