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‘I’m buying Manchester United’- Elon Musk desire to buy the struggling club leaves internet buzzing, clarifies later

Manchester United sit in 20th position after losing their first two matches in the Premier League.

Elon Musk Manchester United

Elon Musk has sent social media into a frenzy with his one tweet. While joking about politics, Musk tweeted, “To be clear, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party!”

The tweet however that created shockwaves in the footballing world came right after. Quoting his previous tweet, Elon added, “Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.”

Here’re the tweets from Elon Musk

Manchester United the once greatest football team in the world has been left in despair with the club now not even qualifying for the Champions League. Their season went from bad to worse as they lost their opening two matches of the Premier League season. A 2-0 loss to Brighton followed by a thumping of 4-0 by Brentford has created a furor among Manchester United fans.

A large section of United fans has called for the boycott of Glazers, the American family that owns the historic football club. Many believe that Glazers have run the club down for their financial gain and left it in a state of decay.

The Glazers have been accused of taking large money out of the club and not doing anything else to get it back to their glory days. Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson, United’s legendary manager retired in 2013, the English club has failed to win either the Premier League or the Champions League. 8 manager changes later, the situation at Old Trafford seems worse and no better.

Match-going fans had last year organized a campaign in a match against Liverpool where thousands of fans stormed the Old Trafford pitch with banners and calls for “Glazers out”. The match was abandoned with Police using force to disperse the crowd.

This year, the “Boycott Glazers” have picked massive steam and the fans have called out for a boycott of their most important game against arch-rivals Liverpool on 23rd August.

An ownership change in times like this would be good for the club, at least that’s what the long-time supporters think. Elon Musk however seems to have taken a U-turn on his decision as he tweeted, “No, this is a long-running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying any sports teams.”


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