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‘He needs to come back to basics’ – Virat Kohli’s childhood coach has a special request for him

Virat Kohli is considered one of the modern greats in the world of cricket at present. He has been a batsman who has defied the law of averages throughout his career. His impeccable consistency has awed the fans and critics.

But in the recent past, Kohli has lost his golden touch. In the second test at Bengaluru against Sri Lanka, he was dismissed in a similar fashion in both innings. This is a rare instance as Kohli is considered a good learner from his own mistakes. Virat was trapped right in front of the stumps misjudging the length of the delivery on both occasions.

As the fans await Virat’s long-due 71st international century, they are concerned about what’s wrong with the star. In a recent interview on Khelneeti’s YouTube channel, Rajkumar Sharma, Kohli’s childhood coach, was heard expressing his concern over his student’s waning batting form.

Sharma felt that the problem with Kohli is more mental than technical. In his opinion, he is curbing his natural instincts and playing too cautiously. Rajkumar has requested his old student to go back to the academy and spend some time there in order to up his confidence.

“Virat will need to come back to his basics. I would definitely want him to come back to the academy. I was thinking about his form yesterday and I am going to talk to him. The kind of confidence he gets batting in the academy, he needs it. He is batting really well but unfortunately, he is batting too cautiously,” he said.

“If he starts to bat a bit more freely, like he has his entire career then soon he will be back to his best. On such wickets you need to take more chances like Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer did,” he added.

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