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‘Hard to put into words, RIP King’ – Ricky Ponting bids emotional tribute to Shane Warne

Shane Warne

One of the greatest ever spinners to grace the game of cricket, Shane Warne passed away on March 4 of suspected heart attack, aged 52. Ricky Ponting, Warne’s one time captain and team-mate bid an emotional farewell to the legend.

Ricky Ponting and Shane Warne played a great role in Australia’s world domination in cricket for over a decade. The sudden death of the spin-wizard made “Punter” emotional as he took to Twitter to pay his tribute and bid farewell to the legend.

Shane Warne redefined the art of leg-spin bowling after he came into the scene in early 1990s. Shane Warne’s rise as a spinner to the levels which he reached is really surprising given the fact that he is from a country where conditions do not favor the spinner.

A man who never shied away from advising and guiding the new generation, Warne was a true mentor. The whole cricketing world will miss him as much his one time team mate Ricky Ponting.

Ricky Ponting went down the memory lane in his tweet to mention his first meeting with Warne at the age of 15. He also stated the highs and lows of the game they faced together as team mates as they shared the dressing room for over a decade. Warne was someone to be counted on always and who was always loved his family according to the Tweet.

Ponting stated that Warne was the greatest bowler he ever played with or against. He extended his thoughts to Warne’s family. Ponting’s tweet read-

“…someone who would be there for you when you needed hi, and always put his mates first.The greatest bowler I ever played with or against. RIP King. My thoughts are with Keith, Bridgette, Jason, Brooke, Jackson and Summer.

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