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Ramiz Raja’s four-nation tournament unanimously rejected

Ramiz Raja

The governing body of cricket has rejected the four-nation tournament proposed by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairperson Ramiz Raza. Earlier this month, Raja proposed a four-nation series including India, Pakistan, Australia, and England. The former Pakistan cricketer had said that the tournament will be run by the apex body. The motive for this series was to create huge revenues, especially with India vs Pakistan games.

Both countries haven’t played a bilateral series since 2012-13 due to the political tension between the two nations over the years. Both teams only play each other in Asia Cup games as well as the tournaments organized by the apex body of cricket. According to the PCB chairperson, the series was estimated to generate USD 750 million over the next five years. The profits were supposed to be distributed among the members of the world cricket governing body.

However, the body unanimously rejected the proposal saying that the Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee was against the same. The reason for the rejection was that the member nations of cricket’s governing body aren’t been allowed to host more than a three-nation tournament outside of their events. Notably, the World Test Championship is in running, and the Champions Trophy, which was made defunct in 2017, will make its comeback in 2025.

Meanwhile, a board member from the apex body has said that the organization didn’t want to devalue its events by organizing a four-nation every year.

“In any case, ICC’s Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee (F&CA) was against this proposal. As we know that the MPA (Members Participation Agreement) doesn’t allow any member nation to host more than tri-nation, organising four-nation every year would have in any case devalued ICC’s own marquee events,” a board member was quoted as saying by Cricket Addictor.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see whether Raja will remain as the PCB chairperson after the Patron of the board and Prime Minister, Imran Khan was ousted as the PM of the country. Earlier this month, Raja said if Khan steps down, the former will step down as well.


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