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Five cricketers and their tattoo fetishes

Virat Kohli Tattoo

Just like film stars around the globe, international cricketers have a knack for getting themselves tattooed. Tattooing is a form of body modification done to make you appearance look cool. Tattooing doesn’t just mean styling but also has a different meaning attached to each individual. Talking about the cricketers, which will be included in this listicle, there are different meanings associated with every tattoo. In this listicle, we will discuss five cricketers and their tattoo fetishes.

Cricketers and their tattoo fetishes

1. Lasith Malinga

The former Sri Lanka pacer has three tattoos on his right arm. The first tattoo is the date on which he made his international debut. Malinga made his international debut on July 1, 2004, in a Test match against Australia. The second date inked is the day he took four back-to-back against South Africa in 2007. He achieved the milestone during the Super Eight game on March 28, 2007. The last one is the name of his wife whose name is Tanya Perera.

2. Michael Clarke

The former Australia skipper has multiple tattoos on different part of his body. The tattoo on the right arm is an Arabic quotes which translates “The pain of discipline is something similar to the pain of disappointment”. Notably, the quote is a favorite of former Australia head coach Justin Langer. Apart from this, Clarke inked the names of his parents on his ribcage in Hindi. On his back, his Test number in Roman numbers is inked.

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