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Fans come to Belal Muhammad’s defense for not fighting Gilbert Burns at welterweight at a short notice during Ramadan

After Burns resorted to Twitter to criticise Muhammad for not being able to make weight.

Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns

UFC welterweights Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns resumed their feud on social media despite news of a potential UFC 288 fight that was plagued by a disagreement about weight during negotiations. After Burns resorted to Twitter to criticise Muhammad for not being able to make weight, followers rallied to his defence, citing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Some supporters urged Burns to comply with Muhammad’s catchweight demands: “Take the catch weight. 2 weeks notice and Ramadan. Give the man a break,” a user wrote on Twitter. “@GilbertDurinho Catch weight on short notice seems reasonable,” another user wrote.

Others elaborated on Ramadan and how it does not appear possible for ‘Remember the Name’ to make weight: “Taking Ramadan into account, which ends on April 20th, he will have 15 days to make weight. Not impossible, but that is definitely a factor for Belal. This isn’t a pushover fight for either man. They are going to want to get a full camp in, and be at their best.”

“Love ya Burns, but he is not even done with Ramadan 30 days of only maybe 1 meal a day, his body is not ready for 170,” another one wrote.

Another fan showed Muhammad’s track record in recent years, during which he has competed in the octagon. “Ramadan so couldn’t train, 0robably gained a lot of weight from oily and sugary food during social gatherings. Catch weight seems reasonable for two weeks notice.”

Despite fasting Ramadan, Belal Muhammad appears to have agreed to a fight with Gilbert Burns. He tweeted that he was up for the fight and included a GIF of a man tipping his hat. He wrote: “2 weeks plus fight week during Ramadan no problem”

Belal Muhammad last fought in October 2022 at UFC 280 against Sean Brady. With a dominant performance, he ruined his opponent’s unblemished professional record. Gilbert Burns is also coming off a unanimous decision victory over Jorge Masvidal. He demonstrated dominance that belied his high rating among the contestants.


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