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‘Dialogues toh ekdum dil ko chhoo gaye’ – Netizens review Pankaj Tripathi starrer Main Atal Hoon

Pankaj Tripathi

“Apni aadhi aankhen band karke, jab woh puri baat bolte the, toh saat samandar paar har koi sunta tha.” That’s a quote from the opening sequence of ‘Main Atal Hoon’, a biographical film about the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the tenth prime minister of India, that encapsulates the reasons his remarkable life and career should be seen on the big screen.

Main Atal Hoon‘, which stars Pankaj Tripathi in the lead role and was helmed by National Award-winning filmmaker Ravi Jadhav, does not rely on blustery patriotism or smearing the reputation of any particular politician or party. It continues to accurately depict Atal’s journey over several decades. The film is a true tribute to Atal’s remarkable journey and ascent to political prominence, tracing his early years of a strong interest in poetry, his legal studies, his work as a newspaper editor, his time as a freedom fighter, and his eventual entry into politics. Check out the netizen’s review of the film.

Fans praise Pankaj Tripathi:

Kudos to Pankaj Tripathi for his flawless performance, which vividly and confidently brings Atal’s legacy to life on the big screen. Co-written by Jadhav and Rishi Virmani, the narrative is slow-moving, dull, and uninteresting. A pivotal scene in which PM Atal and his ministers debate whether to propose peace or go to war with Pakistan opens the movie. And in those brief moments, we see how Atal’s disposition was a harmonious fusion of composure and assertiveness.

The actor gives a fantastic performance and portrays a wide range of emotions as Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The audience found it amazing that, despite Pankaj’s physical transformation to resemble Atal perfectly, very little effort was made to mimic his mannerisms or voice modulation during dialogue. Nonetheless, Pankaj’s eye movements, smile, and hand gestures during speeches and informal conversations will almost always make you recognise the real Atal on screen. The scene in which Pankaj gives a speech in the pouring rain at Ramleela Maidan is among the best-written and visually stunning scenes in the whole movie.

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