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Deepak Chahar alleges Zomato of fraud over food delivery

The star India pacer Deepak Chahar recently vented his frustration on social media regarding his experience with the food delivery platform Zomato

Deepak Chahar alleges Zomato

The star India pacer Deepak Chahar recently vented his frustration on social media regarding his experience with the food delivery platform Zomato, alleging that he was a victim of fraud. Chahar shared a screenshot of his order, indicating that it was marked as delivered on the Zomato app, despite him not receiving the food. Additionally, when he contacted Zomato’s customer service to address the issue, he encountered disbelief and was accused of dishonesty.

In a social media post, Chahar brought attention to the incident, describing it as a “new fraud in India.” The star India pacer also urged others to share their similar experiences and tag Zomato to raise awareness of the issue. Chahar’s assertion that many individuals might be encountering similar difficulties highlights potential concerns with Zomato’s delivery and customer service protocols.

“New fraud in India. I ordered food from @zomato, and the app shows delivery, but I didn’t receive anything. After calling customer service, they also said that it’s been delivered, and I’m lying. I’m sure a lot of people must be facing the same issues. Tag @zomato and tell your story,” Deepak Chahar posted on Twitter.


Zomato replies on the star bowler’s post

Zomato promptly replied to Chahar’s post, conveying sincere concern and offering apologies for any inconvenience caused. The food delivery platform assured Chahar that they treat such matters seriously. They also ensured that are actively investigating them to ensure a swift resolution. However, Chahar maintained his stance, expressing that merely refunding the money would not resolve the broader issue experienced by numerous individuals. He stressed that hunger cannot be alleviated solely with monetary compensation.

“I just wanted to highlight this as a lot of people face this issue and no proper action is taken. Giving back the money from the order will not solve the issue. Hunger cannot be compensated with money,” Chahar said.

The Chennai Super Kings’ pacer’s public criticism of Zomato and his determination to spotlight the wider issues encountered by others highlight the influence of social media in holding service providers accountable. Despite Zomato’s apology and commitment to investigate the issue, Chahar’s position underscores the frustration experienced by consumers when their grievances are not promptly and adequately addressed.



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