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Danish Kaneria shuts down Shahid Afridi with a befitting reply for calling India ‘Enemy’

Shahid Afridi called India the ‘Enemy Country’ while responding to Danish Kaneria’s allegations.

Danish Kaneria-Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan cricketers Danish Kaneria and Shahid Afridi were involved in a huge banter after the spinner made huge claims against Afridi. Kaneria alleged that Afridi tried to convert him to Islam. He also stated that Afridi provoked other players against him. While responding to Kaneria’s claims, Shahid Afridi referred to India as the ‘Enemy Country.’  Afridi said that Kaneria is giving interviews with India (Pakistan’s enemy), which might lead to religious conflicts.

“If my attitude was bad then why he did not complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board or the department he was playing for. He is giving interviews to our enemy country which can incite religious sentiments,” Afridi said, as quoted by the Sports Tiger.

Afridi’s reply did not go down too well with Kaneria. He took to Twitter and lashed out at Afridi for calling India enemy. He stated that Afridi should avoid speaking to Indian media outlets if he sees India as his enemy. “India is not our enemy. Our enemies are those who instigate people in the name of religion. If you consider India as your enemy, then don’t ever go to any Indian media channel,” he wrote in his tweet.

Danish Kaneria had previously accused Shahid Afridi of plotting against him. He even said that Afridi was jealous of him. “He didn’t want me to be in the team. He was a liar, and manipulator because he’s a characterless person. However, my focus was only on cricket and I used to ignore all these tactics. Shahid Afridi was the only person who would go to other players and provoke them against me. I was performing well and he was jealous of me. I am proud that I played for Pakistan. I was grateful,” he said. “He is accusing me to get cheap fame and make money,” responded Afridi to the allegations.


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