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Champions Trophy 2025 broadcaster pushes for T20I format for the tournament – Reports

Champions Trophy is making it’s return after being scrapped in 2017, a few days after Pakistan won it.

Champions Trophy 2013 and 2017 winners (Image Credit: Twitter)

The next edition of the Champions Trophy will be played in Pakistan in the year 2025. Notably, the Asian side was the last team to win the tournament in 2017. A short while after this, the tournament was scrapped to introduce the World Test Championship which has seen two editions being concluded. In the history of the Champions Trophy, it has been scrapped twice.

After India won it in 2013, the Apex Council decided to scrap although the decision was made pre-tournament. However, two years later in 2015, the tournament was re-announced and England (2017) and India (2021) were given the hosting rights. However, after Pakistan beat India in the 2017 final, the tournament was once again scrapped. In exchange, India got the hosting right for the T20 World Cup (played in UAE and Oman).

In the same year, the Apex Council decided to bring back the tournament and awarded the next two editions to Pakistan (2025) and India (2029). Meanwhile, talking about the edition to be played two years later, the broadcaster, Disney Star has reportedly pushed for the T20I format of the tournament. Apparently, the discussion has been made due to the low turnout of the fans during the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023 in non-India games. However, one can argue the fact that the ticket availability has been poor so far.

Will there be a first-ever T20 Champions Trophy?

The prospect of this experiment might not be taken by the Apex Council. After all, three T20 World Cups in 2024 (West Indies and USA), 2026 (India), and 2028 (Australia and New Zealand) will be played in the next five years. If the format of the CT is changed, it might prove to be an overdose of the shortest format. Notably, the broadcaster, as reported by The Guardian, hasn’t made any format request.

Teams that have qualified for the CT 2025

  1. Pakistan (Host): 
  2. India:
  3. South Africa: 
  4. Australia:
  5. New Zealand:
  6. Afghanistan
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