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‘Best thing you can do for team is, Retire’ – Twitter reacts to Rohit Sharma’s ‘don’t bother me’ comments regarding batting criticism

Rohit Sharma

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma recently shared his thoughts on the evolving nature of T20 cricket and his desire to approach the game differently. According to Rohit, he no longer worries about the outcomes and is focused on experimenting with new strategies. He believes that the role of an anchor batsman has diminished in T20 cricket, except in certain challenging situations. Rohit emphasizes the importance of each player contributing to the team’s success, whether it be through a substantial score or a quick cameo. He acknowledges the changing mindset of players and the need to adapt to stay competitive.

Rohit Sharma said “People are thinking about the T20 game differently, taking to next level, game has changed, I have played this format for a long time in a certain manner but I want to do different things now while doing that if I get out, it don’t really bother me”.

Rohit’s approach stems from his extensive experience in T20 cricket, where he had previously adhered to a specific batting style. However, he now seeks to explore new avenues without being perturbed by the prospect of getting out early. He cites instances from recent matches where he took risks and fell cheaply but remains undeterred by such outcomes. Rohit acknowledges that he cannot match the power-hitting abilities of certain players but focuses on utilizing his strengths, such as timing the ball and finding the sweet spot on the bat.

Rohit praises Suryakumar Yadav

In addition to sharing his own perspective, Rohit praises his teammate Suryakumar Yadav for his hard work and consistent performances over the years. He believes that Suryakumar’s approach aligns with his own, demonstrating the value of experience and dedication in cricket. Rohit also discusses the Mumbai Indians franchise’s success in nurturing young talents, attributing their achievements to the team’s scouting process and efforts to develop players.

“Look at Surya; he is not hitting it big. He can also hit 100 metres but his thinking is also the same. Everyone has been watching Surya for the last one or one-and-a-half years. “But he is a seasoned cricketer, he has been playing since 2008. If I am not wrong, he made his debut in 2010-11. So from the last 10-12 years, he is playing the Ranji Trophy. “His bats have gone from white to red – he hits that many balls. I have seen him from age-group cricket; he has done his hard yards from local cricket to Ranji Trophy,” Rohit said

Looking ahead, Rohit expresses confidence in the potential of young players like Tilak Varma and Nehal Wadhera, who he believes will become future stars not only for the Mumbai Indians but also for the Indian cricket team. He emphasizes the franchise’s role in shaping these players and highlights the hard work put in by the team’s scouts to identify and nurture talent.

Rohit Sharma’s comments reflect his adaptability and determination to contribute to the team’s success in T20 cricket. His willingness to embrace change and focus on his strengths rather than trying to match the power-hitting abilities of others exemplifies his pragmatic approach to the game.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Rohit Sharma’s comments: 



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