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BCCI is keen on reviving the Afro-Asian cricket project


Jay Shah is the current secretary of the Board of Cricket for Control in India and also the head of the Asian Cricket Council. As per reports, he is actively showing interest in developing the game of cricket in the continent of Africa. He is looking to revive the Afro-Asian Cricket Project which was first started in the year 2005 but was closed down four years later in 2009.

Cricket enjoys huge popularity in the continent of Asia. In India, the game is no short of a religion. The picture is the same in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The game enjoys a fanatic following in the two nations. The fans from the island nation of Sri Lanka also follow cricket very passionately.

The BCCI secretary wants to base his project of making cricket a global sport on the huge popularity of the sport in Asia. He is keen on opening up as many avenues as possible for the game, as per a report in The Times of India.

The game of cricket has a follower base of 570 million in the African Cricket Association countries. Thus, Shah is interested to undertake a project that will benefit both – the African Cricket Association as well as the Asian Cricket Council.

The proposed model will target the development of cricket at the grass-root level and help players at the U-16, U-19 and U-13 levels. Coaches will look after the development of the youngsters from the very basic level. The fact that the project stays financially feasible and sustainable will also be taken care of.


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