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‘2023 me bhi ye sab karna par raha hai’- Twitter lambasts Indian Cricket Board after picture of fans lining for Ind vs Aus 3rd ODI ticket at 2 AM goes viral

Fans still have to make lines outside of ticket counters to get match tickets in India.

The recent viral picture of cricket fans sitting outside the stadium in Chennai waiting to buy tickets for the 3rd India vs Australia ODI match has sparked a debate on social media about the Indian Cricket Board’s planning and the employment status of the fans.

It is understandable that fans are eager to secure a seat to watch their favorite teams play, but the fact that they had to sit outside the stadium at 2 am in the morning shows a lack of proper planning on the part of the Indian Cricket Board. Many fans on social media are calling the board to have made arrangements to sell tickets online or through authorized ticket vendors to prevent such a chaotic situation. This would not only make it easier for fans to buy tickets but also reduce the risk of unauthorized ticket sales and fake tickets.

Many social media users are also calling the fans waiting outside as ‘unemployed’ or ‘agents’. However, blaming the fans for being unemployed and waiting outside the stadium at odd hours is not a fair assessment. Many of these fans may have taken time off from work or school to attend the match. Cricket is a popular sport in India, and many people are willing to take a day off to watch their favorite teams play. It is not uncommon for people to plan their schedules around cricket matches.

India takes a lead in the series

Moreover, the first match of the series was won by India, and the anticipation for the next match is high. KL Rahul’s brilliant innings of 75 not out in the first match has only added to the excitement among cricket fans. It is not surprising that they are willing to go to great lengths to get tickets to watch the match live.

While the Indian Cricket Board should have done a better job of planning ticket sales, it is not fair to blame the fans for being unemployed or for going to extreme lengths to get tickets. Cricket is a passion for many people in India, and they should be able to enjoy the game without facing any hurdles or inconvenience. The board should take note of this incident and make changes to ensure that future matches are better organized. The debate on Social media razes on as the viral image continues to reach more people.

Here’s how Twitter reacted


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