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WATCH : MS Dhoni enjoys his time off with villagers in Almora district

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was last seen in the cricket field during the Indian Premier League final in Ahemdabad.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Currently on the road with his wife Sakshi, former Team India skipper MS Dhoni was caught with an elderly woman in a recent video. Sakshi, the skipper of the Chennai Super Kings, also stroked the woman’s feet. Sakshi and Dhoni are presently residing in Lwali, the ancestral hamlet of the former India captain, in Jaiti tehsil’s Almora district.

On Wednesday, Dhoni returned to Lwali, his hometown, after nearly 20 years away. He prayed for the Indian team’s win in the ODI World Cup and worshipped the gods at the rural temples with his wife Sakshi.

This is the clip of MS Dhoni along with Sakshi that went popular on social media:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni gives autograph inside fan’s BMW car

Recently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni signed the backseat of a fan’s BMW in Ranchi, making him very happy. Instagram user Sumeet Kumar Bajaj shared a video of the former Indian skipper autographing someone named Abhishek Kerketta’s automobile.

Additionally, it depicts MS Dhoni carefully choosing the ideal location to autograph his name within the car. When the video first starts, MS Dhoni is seen getting into the BMW’s backseat and asking a fan where they can sign. 

After that, a guy gives the cricket player several pens and asks which one he wanted to use. “Nahi phele jagah batao (First show me the place)” is Dhoni’s response. The enthusiastic fan showed Dhoni the location and inquires about the marker once again. Then the former captain of India replies, “Mota wala.” “Black” is the sign for fat, right? Isn’t that black? )”.

Once the pen was chosen, Mahendra Singh Dhoni takes his time settling into his position. In addition, he tells the fan the manner in which would sign in order to ensure a proper fit because of space constraints. At the conclusion of the clip, Dhoni signed the BMW, felicitates his fan, and jokes that he better get out before it gets too late. 

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