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WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo misses freekick, hits cameraperson

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal for Al Nassr but missed another against Al Raed.

Cristiano Ronaldo misses penalty (Image Credit: Twitter)

A fresh video of Al Nassr skipper Cristiano Ronaldo missing a penalty is going viral. In the video, he missed a penalty and the ball hit the cameraperson who was filming the shootout behind the goalie. Afterward, the goalie lost his balance and might have lost control of the camera. Had that happened, the camera could have fallen. However, the person in question managed to keep himself intact.

He also lost some balance but managed to stand on his two feet. He has hit on his head. Talking about the video, it has been going viral. Notably, in the recent past, instances like Ronaldo missing goals. Once again, he did the same.

Watch the video here

Cristiano Ronaldo scored one goal in the game against Al Raed

Meanwhile, talking about the game, Al Nassr dominated Al Raed. In the game, for the Yellow Brigade, Nassr, Sadio Mane (45), Anderson Talisca (49), and Ronaldo (78). For the Red Brigade, Mohammed Fouzair (89) scored a penalty to reduce the losing margin. Talking about Nassr, they have played six games and won four with a goal difference of plus 12. On the other hand, Raed has won one game, drawn as many, and lost four games.


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