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WATCH: Ben Stokes pays massive cost for casually ‘Walking in the garden’

As England continued their pursuit of the formidable target, the outcome of the match hung in the balance.

Ben Stokes

In their crucial quest to chase down a daunting target of 399 runs, England found themselves relying heavily on skipper Ben Stokes. However, their hopes took a hit when a casual run between the wickets resulted in Stokes getting run out by Shreyas Iyer in the 53rd over of the innings.

With 205 more runs needed and Stokes at the crease, England believed they had a fighting chance. Unfortunately, a lapse in judgement during a quick single cost them dearly. The incident occurred in the 10th over after lunch, as Ben Foakes’ inside edge sent the ball rolling towards the square.

Watch the full video here:

Both batters set off for the run, assuming there was enough time to reach the crease. However, Iyer, stationed at midwicket, showcased exceptional fielding skills with a direct hit that ended Stokes’ innings abruptly.

Ben Stokes took a cautious approach after lunch!

Ben Stokes, known for his ability to turn games around, had adopted an uncharacteristically cautious approach post-lunch. He scored just 11 runs off 29 balls, reflecting a departure from his usual aggressive style of play. The English captain, who had played memorable innings in the past, including an unbeaten 131 against Australia in the 2019 Ashes at Leeds, seemed poised to repeat such heroics.

Despite the setback, England’s hopes weren’t entirely dashed, as Ben Foakes remained their last recognized batter. The responsibility to guide the team through the challenging run chase now rested on Foakes’ shoulders. The turn of events highlighted the fine margins in cricket, where a momentary lapse in concentration could alter the course of a game.

Stokes’ run-out served as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the sport and the importance of staying vigilant, even in seemingly routine situations. As England continued their pursuit of the formidable target, the outcome of the match hung in the balance, with the team relying on the resilience of the remaining batters to mount a comeback.

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