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India vs South Africa 2023-2024

‘Virat Kohli should…..’ – Ricky Ponting draws light on Virat Kohli’s poor form

Virat Kohli has been going through a torrid time with the bat of late

Ponting on Kohli

Australian legend Ricky Ponting has shared his thoughts on the bad form of Virat Kohli. The ex-Australia captain thinks that the Indian batter is physically tired, but he feels that the Indian batter does not accept the same. Ponting also believes in the abilities of Kohli and thinks that the batter will be back to form sooner than later.

Currently, both Indian star players in Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have been given rest for the ongoing India- South Africa T20I series. The decision has been taken in hopes of giving them rest, so that they make a positive comeback before the 20-20 World Cup later this year.

The ex- Bangalore captain had a torrid time in this season’s Indian T20 League having made just 341 runs in 16 matches with a poor average of 22.73 and a substandard striker rate of 115.98.

“It (poor form) is going to happen to everyone at some stage. Virat’s probably had a 10 or 12-year run where hasn’t had many down times. But there was a lot of talk and conjecture around the Indian T20 League about how tired and burnt out he might be. That’s for him to work out and assess and find ways to improve, whether it’s a technical thing or a mental thing.” Ponting said about the once top-ranked batsman.

The ex-Australian captain thinks that Virat Kohli is going through something that he himself once went through. The Delhi coach continued, “One thing I do know from experience is that quite often you bluff yourself as a player that you’re not actually tired, that you’re not physically or mentally tired. You always find a way to get yourself up for training, you always find a way to get yourself up for a game. It’s not until you actually stop and have a couple of days do you realize how tired and fatigued you are.”

Virat Kohli is slated to be in action during the rescheduled against England, which starts on July 1.


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