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Top 5 best finishers in world cricket right now

Finishing a match is the toughest job but these players make it look very easy.

Ben Stokes and Rinku Singh

Cricket is a game known for its unpredictable nature. It is also known for the suspenseful finish of a closely fought match. The ultimate game of finishers is frequently what decides the winner when the odds are high and the result is in jeopardy.

These contemporary finishers are able to take advantage of opportunities, manoeuvre through the perilous pressure environment, and land strikes that will live on in the annals of the game. What sets the greatest finishers apart from the rest is their capacity to remain composed under pressure, make well-informed choices, and perform flawlessly.

Top 5 best finishers in world cricket right now

5) Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes (Source: Twitter)

The core of the English cricket team, Ben Stokes, has solidified his position as an essential member of the squad. Stokes, who is well-known for his relentless batting approach, can score runs at an exceptionally rapid pace. Once he settles into a rhythm, his extensive stroke repertoire makes him a formidable opponent. His remarkable strike rate of 95.1 and average of 39 across 105 ODIs perfectly capture his abilities as a finisher. 

4) Shimron Hetmyer

Shimron Hetmyer

Shimron Hetmyer (Source: Twitter)

Right now, Shimron Hetmyer may be the finest finisher for the West Indies. He closes innings with a fresh spark and consistency that has been absent from his game for a while. But Hetmyer can give many reasons to think that his T20 experiences canl help his international future. While there are many issues with West Indies cricket, an in-form Hetmyer is going to be very much appreciated during a crisis.

3) David Miller 

David Miller

David Miller (Source: Twitter)

The player with the most experience in South Africa’s ODI World Cup 2023 squad was David Miller. His stats when batting in the middle order are impressive. With his ability to smash with power, the southpaw can make bowlers cower in dire circumstances. He is skilled in shifting the momentum of the game to his team’s advantage

2) Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh

Rinku Singh (Source: Twitter)

In his 10 T20I games, Rinku Singh has only batted six times. From 75 balls, he has scored over 150 runs. Since he has only escaped once, figuring out the average is simple. In men’s T20Is, no one has taken on as many balls and at a faster pace than his 217. Team India benefits greatly from his capacity to provide maximum output and win games in the most difficult circumstances.

1) Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell (Source: Twitter)

While most Australian batters are renowned for giving bowlers nightmares, Glenn Maxwell is maybe the most aggressive because of his tendency to come hard at bowlers, which makes him an excellent finisher. Based on the available information, the 34-year-old is among the most potent lower-middle-order batters in the game right now. The Australian veteran bats sixth and seventh, with a strike rate that exceeds 110.00.


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