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Top 10 most funny dialogues of Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing in Friends

Chandler Bing

Throughout all ten seasons of Friends, all six of the main characters and even some of the recurring cast, like Janice, have memorable quotes. However, Chandler Bing may have the most of everyone on the show. As many corny Joey quotations, well-known Rachel remarks, and heartfelt Ross outbursts as there are, Chandler’s one-liners are unrivaled.

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, actor Matthew Perry‘s memoir from 2022, talks about how his own distinctive speech pattern influenced his role as Chandler. According to Deadline, he wrote, “I read the words in an unexpected fashion, hitting emphases that no one else had hit.” “I was back in Ottawa with the Murrays, my childhood friends; I was laughing when nobody else was.” He went on to read the script for Friends, saying, “It was as if someone had followed me around for a year, stealing my jokes, copying my mannerisms, photocopying my world-weary yet witty view of life. I was Chandler; I didn’t think I could play ‘Chandler.'”

Best dialogues of Chandler Bing:

1. “And I Just Want A Million Dollars.”

In the countless times that Friends’ pilot episode can be watched again, Rachel Green surprised everyone by storming into Central Perk wearing her wedding gown. This was especially surprising since Ross had just revealed to everyone that his only desire in life is to get married again. One of Chandler’s earliest and funniest lines in the series is this one.

2. “Oh God, Can Open, Worms Everywhere.”

Chandler says this in horror, after Joey just told him about his lick-and-put method of cleaning the silverware and his continued use of Chandler’s toothbrush. The moment alone makes the line hilarious, but Perry’s utterly brilliant comedic delivery and the sentence’s structure make it even more memorable.

3. “Maybe He Was Nervous.”

An extremely humorous episode of Chandler and Joey is “The One Where Ross And Rachel… You Know.” Here is where Chandler delivers one of his funniest lines to an anxious Ross, who tells his colleague on the phone that Australopithecus was never fully erect.

4. “Sure. Where?”

Friends’ series finale was a fantastic way to say goodbye to the six cherished characters, and as is usually the case with popular, long-running television programs, the final line of the show was bound to be remembered. Chandler happened to receive that honor.

5. “Dear God, This Parachute Is A Knapsack!”

He gets nervous and yells this quote, launching himself off and behind the chair he is sitting on, after Monica starts questioning him about why he believes she won’t be married by the time she is forty—ironic considering the characters involved. He is able to get Monica off his back with a masterful blend of spoken word and physical humor.

6. “Because I’m In Love With Monica!”

“The One Where Everybody Finds Out” is a standout episode of Friends, featuring memorable moments like Chandler and Phoebe’s date and Joey’s endless confusion. Additionally, Chandler and Monica confess their love for one another in this episode.

7. “Monica, Will You Marry Me?”

It is unforgettable to hear the entire conversation the two had in their candlelit apartment. However, Chandler’s monologue stands out as the most significant—possibly the most romantic—quote throughout the entire production.

8. “Okay. You Have To Stop The Q-Tip When There’s Resistance!”

Not only do viewers remember this the best out of the bunch, but Matthew Perry, who called it his favorite Chandler line on Good Morning America, may also remember it the best. It’s a great joke that makes viewers laugh even after all these years, and it’s a response to Joey’s incapacity to determine his age in 1990.

9. “I’m Not So Good At The Advice. Can I Interest You In A Sarcastic Comment?”

Chandler generally hates serious social interactions, constantly feeling the urge to make jokes which he admits here.

10. “I’m Hopeless And Awkward And Desperate For Love.”

The way Chandler yells this out before chasing after Janice is hilarious and one of the most iconic Chandler Bing moments in Friends, and it’s even a relatable moment for many viewers. It comes when Chandler tries too hard to be committed to Janice, scaring her in the process before he has a bit of a breakdown.

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