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Three reasons why Hyderabad has become the most disliked team in the Indian T20 League

Hyderabad have won the title twice in the history of the league.

Hyderabad (Source: Twitter)

The Indian T20 League is the most popular cricket league in the world. The tournament has a massive fan following as the stadiums are always seen full of the crowd cheering for their favourite teams. Hyderabad franchise was one of the most popular teams in the competition.

They have won the coveted title once in the history of the league. However, the team has lost a huge number of fans in the past few years due to several reasons. The situation has got so worse that they’re now being called the most disliked team in the league. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why the Hyderabad franchise lost its fan following:

Treatment of David Warner

David Warner

David Warner (Source: Twitter)

David Warner did a terrific job as a captain for Hyderabad, leading them to victory in 2016. The team performed consistently under his leadership in the following seasons as well. However, everything changed in the year 2021 as the team had its worst season ever. Warner’s poor form with the bat further exacerbated the situation. Seeing their captain completely out of touch, the team management decided to bench him.

This treatment meted out to Warner annoyed the fans, who lashed out at the team management. The management did another mistake of not retaining the star player before the mega auction. As a result, the fan base shifted to the Delhi team, who bought Warner in the mega auction in 2022.

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