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Thiago Silva’s wife apologises after social media outburst towards Chelsea’s manager


The Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world that features some of the most iconic clubs in football history. One of these clubs is the Chelsea Football Club, which is a north London-based football club. The club has a rich history and has won 6 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups, 4 Community Shields and 2 Champions League. However, the club is not having the best of times this season as they have recently dropped 11th in the league after a disappointing loss to the Wolves three days ago. There are questions being asked of the management on the disappointing season the club has been having. Mauricio Pochettino and his side will have to make some new strategies to succeed in future games as well.

One of the big performers for Chelsea so far is Brazilian centre-back Thiago Silva, who has also given some great performances for the Chelsea side. Silva is known to be a reliable defender for both his club and country, who can outsmart any striker he comes across with his great interceptions and calculated tackles. The 39-year-old defender has given his all to this club as well where he has always appeared at the most active defender on the field. There might be some changes made by the club for the upcoming season, but Silva seems to be one of the players who will most likely be considered for the next season.

Thiago’s wife’s apology

At the end of the Wolves defeat, there was a controversial post on X by Silva’s wife Belle Silva where she said “ It’s time to change. If you wait any longer it will be too late.”  This has caused a lot of outrage among the fans as well, who cannot believe that the wife of a Chelsea player can post such a thing. Even Chelsea’s manager did not like the statement made by Belle and confronted Thiago about it as well. Belle has now recently apologized to the manager saying “I’m sorry that my personal outburst as a passionate Chelsea fan has caused such an impact.” She finally ended her statement by saying that being a fan herself she was saddened by the defeats and wants the same as everyone.

These are moments where an athlete’s family has to be careful about what she has to say on public accounts. The earlier post by Thiago Silva’s wife was an example of an unnecessary statement made by a family member of a renowned public figure, who has not only ridiculed the management but also the fans who are still supporting their favourite team as well. These are the small things you have to be careful of otherwise it can cause a lot of problems not only for you but the people who are close to you as well.

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