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Pooja Bhatt bashes Vicky Jain for calling Mannara ‘Cheap’

Pooja Bhatt arrived after a fight broke out between Vicky Jain, Abhishek, and Arun.

Pooja Bhatt, Vicky Jain (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Bigg Boss contestant Pooja Bhatt has slammed Vicky Jain for his inappropriate remarks on Manara in the ongoing season 17. The former didn’t even spare his wife, Ankita Lokhande and said that she doesn’t spare to be in the finale. Bhatt took to Twitter and called out Jain for his words.

Pooja tweeted, “Very, very Improper, the way you are sitting. Says a male contestant attempting to shame #MannaraChopra who is merely attempting to protect a friend. When all else fails, shame the woman and then go on to self righteously call yourself a ‘Gentleman’. Not cool. #Biggboss17.”

Her tweet arrived after a fight broke out between Jain, Abhishek, and Arun in the house. Before the fight, Mannara tried to shield Munawar Faruqui, who was sitting on a couch. As Munawar was trying to save a box of spices under his jacket, Vicky tried his best to snatch it from him.

Mannara, in an attempt to protect Munawar, stood in front of him alongside Arun Mahashettey and Abhishek Kumar. Soon she went on to sit on the armrest of the sofa and tried covering Munawar with her one hand.

Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande to Mannara

“Achha lag raha hain aapko ek ladke ka god mein baithke? Achha lag raha hai? Look at the way you are sitting. So cheap. Chhi chhi chhi ( Are you liking what are you doing? Sitting on a man’s lap).”

To this remark, Ankita stopped him saying, “Ye saab maat bol (don’t say that).” While she leaves, Vicky continues to try snatching the spices. Abhishek stands in front of Mannara and Munawar to cover them further. Vicky said, “Mannara, if you come in between, you will get pushed. The way you are sitting is very improper.”

“Nothing like a ‘torture’ task to reveal people for what they are. The ones that deserve to be in the finale are #Arun #Abhishek #Mannara & #Munawar. The ‘game’ does not make us Inhuman & toxic. It gives us choices. The rest is upto us. Simple & Oh so revealing.”

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