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New Couple in Town? Manisha Rani & Tony Kakkar spotted together!

Bigg Boss OTT season 2 finalist Manisha Rani were recently spotted along with the famous Indian playback singer Tony Kakkar.

Manisha Rani & Tony Kakkar

Bigg Boss OTT 2 went fantastically well. We had seen in one episode Tony Kakkar and Asees Kaur enter the house for a concert. Manisha Rani and Tony Kakkar also performed a passionate dance. Now, it seems that the popular singer has offered her a new music video. It was clear that they got along well.

In fact, Tony Kakkar treated her like a princess. His modesty and his friendliness towards her won over his admirers. It appears that the Kakkar family was aware of the two’s interactions. Manisha Rani is referred to as “Bhabhi” in a statement written by Neha Kakkar’s spouse Rohanpreet Singh. Tony Kakkar, who is approaching 40 years old, stated he is looking for a girl.

Viral Video of Manisha Rani & Tony Kakkar:

Recently, the duo were spotted leaving a restaurant. Now, the question arises whether it was a dinner date or just a work meeting. The chemistry between them is surely very much visible. No one can deny that they both share a strong spark together. It will be interesting to see these two famous individuals come together as one. Manisha Rani won the hearts of the audience while her time in the second season of Bigg Boss OTT. Moreover, Tony Kakkar makes sure to win everyone with his groovy and upbeat music.

According to Rohanpreet Singh, it appears like the ideal girl has arrived at last. The meaning behind that is unknown. Manisha Rani’s Instagram profile is now being followed by Neha Kakkar as well. The Bihar girl is adored by the entire Kakkar family. She has filled the show with the most content possible in a fun way.  Neha Kakkar’s husband is Rohanpreet Singh. In 2020, they got married. Between the two, there is an eight-year gap. Fans questioned whether everything was alright in the interim because he was absent from her birthday party.

Given how attractive Tony Kakkar and Manisha Rani looked together last night, many admirers used the hashtag Tonisha. Earlier there were rumours that Tony Kakkar and Nikki Tamboli had a brief relationship. He refuted the news, though. He is now essentially single. The Manisha Rani family appears to adore him as a candidate.



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