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Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes involved in a car accident, escapes injuries

Manchester United is set to take on Liverpool on April 19

Bruno Fernandes
Source: Twitter

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes was involved in a car accident on April 18, outside of his club’s training ground, Carrington. Notably, Fernandes escaped uninjured in the accident. He was driving a Porsche, which collided with a Volkswagen. Meanwhile, Ralf Rangnick, interim manager of Manchester United, confirmed that Fernandes is all fine and even trained with the team. Notably, United is set to take on Liverpool on April 19.

“He’s training with the team. Obviously the accident happened on the way to Carrington but as far as I know nobody was injured.

“He trained with the team, he was OK and will be OK for tomorrow,” Rangnick said.

On the other hand, ahead of the Liverpool and United game, the Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp shed light on his relationship with his United’s counterpart Rangnick.  Klopp said that he hasn’t met Rangnick since his transfer to Manchester. Klopp added he and Rangnick has mutual respect for each other. Klopp further said that he respects his counterpart for everything he has done in his career.

“On hold! We didn’t have contact since he is in England, since he is at United. I think that’s just a mutual respect – I respect his job, he respects my job. I cannot make a Klopp-Rangnick or Rangnick- – Klopp game of it. I don’t want to. I respect him for everything he did during his career, to be honest, he did incredible jobs wherever he was. Took a difficult one at Man United, obviously, that’s  clear. Big expectations, these kinds of things. Big expectations and actually no time to get there because in our business it’s like this.”

“But you can see the changes he made and the parts he improved, and that’s it pretty much. When we now prepared the United game, I didn’t think about Ralf in that moment because you watch the games and then you prepare for this team. It’s not Ralf or me. It’s a very important football game – a very, very important football game – but the managers probably will not score the decisive goal.”


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