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Laapataa Ladies movie review – Kiran Rao is back with a bang with a witty, fun, and sharp film!

Laapataa Ladies

‘Laapataa Ladies’, a lighthearted yet intelligent satire enhanced by its young actors’ outstanding performances, is the best comeback Kiran Rao could have ever had. It is difficult to comprehend that this is Kiran Rao’s second movie and that it comes after a 13-year break. With an almost faultless film, the director makes a magnificent comeback to the helm. Beyond the minutiae, ‘Laapataa Ladies’ is exceptional because it’s a unique movie with a soul, enhanced by a superb script and outstanding performances. The icing on the cake is the performances, which are primarily provided by three up-and-coming young actors who do a fantastic job carrying the movie.

Laapataa Ladies movie details:

Director: Kiran Rao

Cast: Sparsh Srivastava, Pratibha Ranta, Nitanshi Goel, Ravi Kishan

Where to watch: Theatres

Rating: 4.5 stars

Laapataa Ladies review:

Putting ‘Laapataa Ladies’ in a genre box is a difficult task. Is it a thriller, a satire, or a social drama? In actuality, that is a well-told story in the vein of the legends we exchanged with one another over campfires thousands and even millions of years ago. It brings those various genres together and skillfully combines them. The movie even does a good job of building suspense without giving much away. Not only is the revelation unexpected, but it’s also very moving.

The film’s writing, which creates scenarios that firmly ground this fantastical story in reality, is the real winner. It also seems more plausible to set it in the early 2000s, before the mobile boom. The cinematography, which uses actual locations to create this world so exquisitely, goes quite well with the writing. Afterwards, Kiran Rao uses her enchantment to bring everything to life, giving us the best movie of the year (so far).

‘Laapataa Ladies’ are hard to come by. but in a variety of ways. In the current context, we would classify a movie like this as an “OTT-type film,” a category to which content-based, non-starry movies have also been reduced. However, it ought to be so much more. This film serves as a worthy reminder to viewers that great stories occasionally deserve their moment in the spotlight.

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