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‘Kisi board se to ache taalukat rakho’ – Fans troll PCB as they threatens boycotting Sri Lanka tour if SLC fails to accept Asia Cup 2023 hybrid model

Pakistan Cricket Board is facing severe difficulties to come up with a solution that helps them host Asia Cup 2023 games in Pakistan.

Jay Shah, Sri Lanka Cricket team, Najam Sethi

Pakistan and India Cricket Boards are already having disagreements over the Asia Cup 2023. While the Indian board is insisting on playing on the neutral venue, the PCB has asked their ODI World Cup matches to be shifted outside India. Meanwhile, the Pakistani board might have picked another fight but with Sri Lanka Cricket. Apparently, PCB has threatened to boycott the Test series against Sri Lanka later this year.

The reason for that is SLC’s non-acceptance of hybrid model in which Sri Lanka will play their games in Pakistan. Sri Lanka wants the tournament to be shifted on either a neutral venue or to be played in Pakistan entirely. However, the latter is not possible as India won’t travel to Pakistan. Meanwhile, PCB has threatened to boycotting the Test series in Sri Lanka which has left the fans unimpressed.

This is how Twitter reacted

This is the best way to stop us from coming to India: Najam Sethi

Apart from having a recent trouble with SLC, PCB is having strong disagreement about playing their arch-rivals, India. Apparently, the game has scheduled in Ahmedabad and the PCB claims to have security in Gujarat’s capital city.

“When I heard that the Pakistan match was to be in Ahmedabad, I smiled and said to myself – ‘this is one way to make sure we don’t come to India’. I mean if you’d said Chennai or Kolkata, it might have made sense,” he said.

“I don’t want to go into the politics of it but certainly there seems to be a political angle to this because if there’s one city where we might have security issues, it’s Ahmedabad. And therefore, I think the less said about that, the better. It gave the impression that this was a red herring that was thrown in our way to tell us, ‘hey, we are going to play you in Ahmedabad and you watch out. You know who rules Ahmedabad,’” Sethi added.


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