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Karan Johar’s ‘The Bull’ starring Salman Khan to kick-start in February 2024!

Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Karan Johar are reuniting on a big-budget action film directed by Vishnuvardhan after 25 years apart. Soon after, we learned that the film is based on a true story and that Salman Khan will play a paramilitary officer. Initially, the producers hope to begin shooting in November 2023 and release the film in theatres during the Christmas 2024 weekend.

Salman Khan is set to begin filming for Vishnuvardhan’s directorial in February 2024. A source close to the film disclosed, “Salman Khan has given Karan Johar bulk dates for this ambitious action thriller based on true events. He will be shooting for this film from February to August, and the prep work to change his body structure has already begun. The leaner version of Salman would be seen in the Vishnuvardhan directorial. The film is expected to be Salman Khan’s Eid 2025 release, but the exact date will be determined once the production begins.”

Deets on Salman Khan’s next:

The film’s pre-production work is being done quietly at the Dharma Production Office in Mumbai, and the team will soon begin building the set. The source said, adding that a few other titles are also being considered at this time. Adding further, “Karan and co. want to build multiple sets in Mumbai that will cost a fortune because the idea is to recreate the era gone by with a proper art team rather than using VFX. The work on the costumes and uniforms is also underway. They want to maintain the aesthetics. The film is tentatively titled ‘The Bull,’ and is based on one of the most heroic missions conducted by the Indian Army,”

The original plan was to create a schedule before the New Year, but the team decided to take their time with pre-production and bring it to floors once all of the details were finalized. The source concluded by saying, “The action will also be different from anything we’ve seen in a Salman Khan film before. In the film, he plays a paramilitary officer. It’s a film about the Indian Army, and the goal is to do full justice to their missions and heroism.”

The Bull will be Vishnu’s second Hindi film, following the National Award-winning SherShaah. Salman and Karan have been meeting regularly for the last 8 months to discuss various aspects of the film, and the shoot dates were finally set in their meeting last week.

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