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IPL 2024

Indian T20 League: 5 Teams with highest numbers of fours

T20 cricket in general comes with the promises of boundaries for most of its the duration. The Indian T20 League has been no exception to this general rule of the newest format.

Indian spectators fill the stadiums and sit in front of their television sets to watch the batsmen sending it big and deep into the stands. This craze for sixes sometimes leaves some classic and innovative shots for fours under-appreciated.

5. Bangalore (2720 fours)

Bangalore has always been associated with two extremes of batting. The team has the highest as well as the lowest team totals recorded to their name.

Chinnaswamy stadium the home ground for Bangalore have been a batsman’s paradise providing some of the biggest totals in the history of Indian T20 league. Though the proportion for six hitting is higher for Bangalore than other teams, they are not far behind in the four-hitting aspect. Bangalore is the fifth team in the list with 2720 fours.

With the Indian T20 League’s 15th edition round the corner the fans would be expecting to witness more balls crossing the fence be it along the ground or through the air.

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