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ILT20 2023: Joe Denly takes ‘casual 2-yard strolls’ from non-striker’s end, English bowlers ignore non-striker run out

The World has been divided over the controversial issue of ‘Non-striker’s run-out’ for the past few months.

Joe Denly

The World has been divided over the controversial issue of ‘Non-striker’s run-out’ for the past few months. There have always been two schools of thought on this subject. Some assert that bowlers’ attempts to prevent batters from gaining an unfair advantage are perfectly legal and within the bounds of the rules of the game.

On the other hand, a section of cricketers and former cricketers believe that running the non-striker out is not within the ‘spirit of the game’. Many current and former English players believe in the latter and have always raised their voices against Non-striker’s run-out.

In the meantime, everyone’s attention has been focused on an incident from the ongoing International League T20 2023 (ILT20 2023), which involved players from England. A journalist named Peter Della Penna pointed out that English bowlers had no issues with their fellow countryman Joe Denly taking undue advantage of them.

“This was flagged for me by an ally in the BRONSE revolution before I went back to investigate via match replay. Joe Denly at the ILT20, taking a casual 2-yard stroll out of non-striker’s crease nearly every ball. Interesting to note that 4 of 6 oppo bowlers were fellow English,” he wrote in a Twitter post with some photos showing Denly out of his crease before the delivery.

In addition, Della Penna pointed out that Denly did not attempt to advance out of his crease against non-English bowlers. “Magically, when it’s one of the two bowlers in the opposition side who is not a fellow Englishman, Denly has no difficulty staying inside the non-striker’s crease until delivery, even when it’s the 19th over. Funny how that works,” he wrote in his next tweet.

Here are the viral tweets on Joe Denly

In the meantime, Joe Denly’s team, Sharjah Warriors, is in the second-last position on the points table. They have not been able to register a win in the three games that they have played in the season so far.


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