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‘I am dating someone else’ – Kangana Ranaut rubbishes rumours of dating married Indian businessman Nishant Pitti

Kangana Ranaut

This time, Kangana Ranaut’s name is making waves in the media because of rumours that she is dating Nishant Pitti, the founder of EaseMyTrip. The actress has been drawing attention with photos she posts with Nishant Pitti. She is currently in Ayodhya following the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha. Fans of Kangana are speculating that she might have found love again because she has been visiting several holy sites in Ayodhya connected to the Ram Mandir.

The pictures that are making the rounds on the internet show how at ease the actress and Nishant seem to be with each other. Dating rumours have been sparked by their viral photos. People on the internet are assuming that they are now together.  The actress has now refuted all dating rumours that surfaced after a photo of the two went viral online.

Kangana Ranaut discloses her relationship status:

The picture of Kangana and Pitti posing together on the grounds of the Ram temple has gone viral online, leading many to wonder if the two are dating. The Tejas actress chose to completely refute the “embarrassing” rumours as soon as she became aware of the hype. On Wednesday morning, Kangana shared an article on her Instagram stories that hinted at their romance, in which she claimed that Pitti was “happy married.” Furthermore, she acknowledged that she was seeing someone else.

She wrote, “My humble request to the media, please don’t spread misinformation. @nishantpitti ji is happily married and I am dating someone else, wait for the right time. Please don’t embarrass us. It’s not nice to link a young woman to a new man every day just because they clicked pictures together. Please don’t do this”

A few days prior, Kangana attracted attention when she was seen holding hands with famous hairstylist Loic Chapoix as she left a Mumbai salon. However, she clarified in a statement that she had released at the time that he was only a friend. She wrote, “Whole filmi/Bolly media is salivating and coming up with all kinds of erotic fantasies, well a man and a woman walking together on a street can be many possibilities not just sexual, they can be colleagues, siblings, work friends and at times simply wonderful courteous hairstylist with a friendly client of many years.”

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