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Here is how Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer can get back their central contract

The key for both Kishan and Iyer lies in showcasing their commitment, form, and fitness during the IPL.

Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer find themselves at a critical juncture in their cricketing careers after losing their central contracts. It came as a significant setback considering their earlier consideration across all three formats. However, the path to redemption is not closed, but it is difficult.

The absence of a central contract doesn’t categorically rule out their chances of selection, as numerous instances in the past have witnessed players making successful comebacks despite being outside the contract list. So, both Kishan and Iyer might make a comeback but will need to make full use of the Indian Premier League in 2024.

They possess a combination of skill and youth, making the upcoming IPL 2024 a crucial platform for their resurgence. Their primary objective should be to let their performances with the bat speak volumes, effectively sidelining the contract episode during the tournament. If they manage to make a compelling case for their inclusion through consistent and impactful displays, the doors to the Indian team could reopen.

What will happen after the IPL 2024?

According to a news report, the selectors acknowledge the duo’s abilities but emphasise the importance of fulfilling the necessary criteria. It includes participation in the requisite number of matches in international cricket. The Board has earlier highlighted that if a player manages to make their way into the Indian side and meets the criteria, they will be eligible for a pro-rata contract.

So, after the IPL, both Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer can expect a contract reinstatement. However, it will solely depend on team management and selectors to give them a chance in international cricket. Notably, the challenges faced by Kishan and Iyer stemmed from their decisions to disregard the board and team management’s directives to participate in the Ranji Trophy.

Kishan’s situation escalated when he withdrew from the South Africa tour, citing mental fatigue. Despite coach Rahul Dravid’s insistence on playing domestic cricket for selection consideration, Kishan chose IPL training over representing Jharkhand, raising concerns among decision-makers.

Meanwhile, Shreyas Iyer’s case took a different turn as he complained of back pain after featuring in the first two Tests against England. Despite being declared fit by the National Cricket Academy (NCA), selectors omitted him for the subsequent Tests. Iyer’s decision to skip the Ranji Trophy quarterfinal, citing the same back injury, contradicted the NCA’s fitness assessment. The juxtaposition of his absence and subsequent participation in the Kolkata Knight Riders‘ training camp raised eyebrows.

The key for both Kishan and Iyer lies in showcasing their commitment, form, and fitness during the IPL, potentially paving the way for their return to the Indian team and the reinstatement of their central contracts.

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