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IPL 2024

‘He just stands and hits them out of the park’: KL Rahul heaps praise on Shreyas Iyer

KL Rahul LSG

KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer will resume their captaincy innings for different teams this year. Rahul will lead the Indian T20 League debutant Lucknow, while Iyer will lead Kolkata. Rahul has led the Punjab team in seasons 2020 and 2021, with the team finishing outside of playoffs on both occasions. On the other hand, Iyer led the Delhi team in seasons 2019 and 2020, where the team finished in the playoffs in the first year and the final in the second.

Talking about the captaincy records, Iyer has been much more successful than Rahul. Iyer has led a team in 41 games, out of which the team won 21, lost 18, and tied two. Rahul, on the other hand, has led a team in 27 games, out of which the team won 11, lost 14, and tied two.

Meanwhile, the Lucknow skipper has praised the Kolkata skipper for his ability to play spin. The former added that the latter is a tall boy, and has a long reach, which puts a lot of pressure on spinners. “He is a really good player of spin. He is one of the players who doesn’t really step out too much, he is a tall boy so has a long reach. He just stands and hits them out of the park. This really puts the spinners under pressure. That’s something I dread when he plays against our team in the IPL,” Rahul said on an episode of ‘Red Bull Cricket’ on Clubhouse.

In a different conversation, the newly appointed skipper of Kolkata said that he is ready a play different roles for the Lucknow team. “You can’t basically portray yourself as an anchor. It can differ as well. On a given day, I can be a power-hitter and there can be some other player who can play an anchor role,” Iyer had said on KKR’s YouTube channel.

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