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Happy Propose Day 2024: Top 5 Indian cricketers who proposed their loved one wholeheartedly

As the world embraces the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Week, Propose Day takes center stage on February 8.

Indian Cricketer's Propose Day 2024!

As the world embraces the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Week, Propose Day takes center stage on February 8, following the initiation of Rose Day. In this affectionate atmosphere, individuals express their love, often seizing the opportunity to propose to their significant other or crush in the most heartwarming manner. Unsurprisingly, Indian cricketers have also showcased their romantic sides with proposals that can be deemed truly enchanting.

While these cricketers may not have chosen the exact day of Propose Day for their gestures, their proposals are undoubtedly worth celebrating. This article delves into the heartfelt moments when five prominent Indian cricketers wholeheartedly proposed to their beloved partners.

From setting the stage for unforgettable expressions of love to capturing the essence of romance, these cricketers have shared their personal stories of love, making them an endearing part of the broader celebration of love during Valentine’s Week.

Sachin Baby

Sachin Baby

Sachin Baby (Source: Twitter)

In a heartwarming moment, former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) player Sachin Baby proposed to his sweetheart Anna Chandy in 2016. It happened after 1.5 years of dating. The couple’s unique save-the-date video captured widespread attention as they donned the colours of the RCB team, choosing the cricket field as the backdrop for this special proposal.

The 1-minute, 48-second video concluded with the iconic IPL trumpet sound, adding a touch of cricketing charm to their romantic journey. Sachin Baby’s thoughtful and cricket-themed proposal became a viral sensation, showcasing the sweet intersection of love and the sport that unites them.

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