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IPL 2024

Games per season of the Indian T20 League to increase? Here is all you need to know

The Indian cricket board is looking to increase the number of games played every season in the Indian T20 League.

bangalore (Image source- BCCI/IPL)

The Indian T20 League has been growing with each passing season. The BCCI has constantly been working on the development of the cash-rich league. More recently, two new teams were added to the tournament in the 15th season, taking the total number of matches to 74 from 60. According to certain sources, the Indian cricket board is looking to increase the number of games played every season during the 2023-2027 cycle.

According to Cricbuzz, the BCCI wants to progressively raise the number of games. The total number of games (including playoffs) can stay at 74 for the first two years of the cycle. After that, it can increase to 84 games every season. It might be 94 games in the fifth and final season of the cycle, though the BCCI has left the option of 84 games open.

Essentially, the goal is to play 410 games in five seasons rather than 370. As a result, with the new media rights up for grabs, bidders are reported to have been advised to use the figure of 410 games rather than 370. However, the lack of clarity in the Invitation To Tender (ITT) for media rights is not sitting well with bidders, according to the report.

How many games will each team play?

While the BCCI designed a group division strategy to accommodate two extra teams in the league and a formula to maintain the total number of games to 74, it is unclear how the BCCI would stage 84 games in a season. The 94-game season structure is straightforward since all 10 teams will face each other twice throughout the league stage.

To play 84 games in the season, the board has the option of changing the present system and making a team play twice against each side in its own group, twice against two of the other groups, and once against the other three. With the increase in the number of matches, the duration of the summertime event will also go up. The BCCI will have to ensure that this does not have an impact on viewership.


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